JRJ Engineering offers the following services for your residential and small commercial projects;

New Construction Design

Includes complete gravity and lateral analysis, structural calculations, and structural plans and details.


Includes field verification of existing structure, complete gravity and lateral analysis, and structural plans and details.

Retaining Wall Design

Includes structural calculations and details for poured-in-place concrete walls, CMU walls, or segmental walls.

Post-Tensioned Slab Design

Includes structural calculations, plans, and details for post-tensioned slab-on-grade designs to fit your project. Whether your project is designed by JRJ Engineering or is a pre-manufactured or pre-engineered building.

Framing Repairs

Includes repair instructions and details for damaged beams/headers and wall studs.

Special Inspections

Includes inspections for reinforced concrete retaining walls and footings, CMU retaining walls and footings, epoxy or mechanical concrete anchors, and field welds.